Who We Are

Atwood Lake Community Association serves the community needs of the many property owners on the lake. We are a non profit organization that collects annual membership dues as well as shoreline and lake weed control contributions. We have eight directors (counting the three officers).  As stewards of the lake, we work in accordance with the state of Indiana's natural resource division to maintain the quality of the lake's water and wildlife. Our mission is to monitor and preserve the positive attributes of Atwood Lake. Our goal is to leave the lake better than we found it. Our motto is to treat nature and people with the same respect that you would like to receive. Membership is $50 and available only to Atwood Lake property owners. Non property owners can get an associate membership for $10. Associate members can attend, but can not vote at meetings. Lake weed control is $50. Shoreline weed control is available for those who have paid for lake weed control and is an additional $1.25 per linear foot (ex: 50 feet = $62.50). Although weed control is not part of the annual membership dues, we heavily rely on weed control contributions to help maintain this critical function of the Atwood Lake Community Association.