1. The meeting was called to order on Saturday August 28th, 2021 at 9:05am by Scott Smith, President. Location-Mike & Rhonda Fink’s Property. There were 28 people present, including all officers.

Shoreline Representatives: (All Present)

East Side: Tyler Knox West Side: Gina Sawmiller

North Side: Mimi Paulus South Side: Gloria Combs

  1. Scott Banfield, from Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. was invited to speak regarding the status of the weed condition after treatment. He did not show, therefore, Scott Smith spoke on his behalf. Members were given an ariel view graphic of the lake with treatment spots indicated. The light areas on the map showed where Curley Leaf was treated. The lake was checked three times for any new development. Report shows the condition of the lake (with regards to weeds) is the best it has ever been.
  1. New Officers and Shoreline Representatives were introduced.
  2. New Residents were introduced
    1. 11 Residents were given Welcome Baskets (A new tradition for Atwood Lake) which included community/lake information, and numerous goodies. Representatives took baskets to deliver for those residents not present at the meeting.
    2. Let’s Welcome: East Side: Jim & Trish Mclaughlin, North Side: Brian Walsh & Jeff & Karen Smaka. West Side: Jeff & Sharon McNeany, Jerry & Dorene Stahl, The Bradtmueller Family, Erin & Case Radoux, Julie & John Wake, Bonnie Kootz, and Alex & Taylor Arnold. South Side: Paul & Linda Holt.
  1. Old Business:
    1. Reading of the Minutes. A motioned was made by Michelle Mulhern to accept the minutes as posted on the website. The motion was seconded, and carried, by Gloria Combs.
    2. Treasurer’s Report. Rhonda Fink reported these balances:

Checking Account $1,546.38

Savings Account $42,662.67

Checking Account Used for NCD $7,278.85

A motion was made by Cary Sloan and seconded by Brian Snider to accept the report. Approved unanimously.

    1. Goose Round Up – A Success. Scott reported that over 35 geese were relocated safely. Numerous residents helped round them to the campground with the use of kayaks.
    2. 4th of July Flotilla – A fun time was had by residents. Many decorated pontoons, played music, and provided entertainment for shore watchers.

    1. Luminar

    1. y/Ice Cream Social Events
      1. Linda Snider reported success in luminary sales. 240 Bags were sold. The event took place on Saturday July 17th. Residents lit up their shoreline/piers, and several took to the

lake on boats to view the lights. The event committee determined Troy & Katie Lindley winners of the event. 2022 event they will be official judges for the new winner.

      1. The ice cream social was held on Sunday, July 18th. Thank you to the Fink’s for the use of your yard. Profits from the luminary event was used to provide lake residents ice cream sundaes. Our time included socializing, fun raffles, and games.
      2. Total Profit for event was $414.54. $710.00 collected for luminaries, $151.00 brought in on raffles, and expenditures were $446.46.
  1. New Business:
    1. Pulled Pork Fundraiser – September 11th, 2021
      1. This event will take place at the pull off on the old public beach location. Officers are hoping this location will pull in not only Atwood Lake residents but passerby’s. Thank you to new property owners for permission to use this location. Time 11-2:00pm. Thank you Rhonda for printing road signs and flyers.
      2. Donation of $7 for pulled pork sandwich, chips, cookie, and a drink. Food and supplies will be purchase at Costco, estimated quantity is 150. Officers will be preparing and packaging food. Shoreline reps will help in sales.
    2. Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser – May 21, 2022. Purchased Tickets will be required. Breakfast to take place directly before the spring general meeting. More information on how to get tickets and cost will be forthcoming.
    3. Atwood Lake T-Shirts & Sweatshirt Sale. Rhonda Fink is spearheading this fundraiser. The plan is to have at least 3 different designs for residents to choose from. Pre-orders will be available at the next spring meeting.
    4. Inquiry of Lake Speed Limit for more lake activities. Several residents have inquired about the possibility of tubing/skiing selected days/times on the lake. Scott stated that it is not our decision and that he would research the possibility with the DNR and all that is required. He will then provide complete information at the spring meeting.
    5. Budget Items:
      1. Budget for Aquatic Vegetation (Weed) Control. Scott asked that the budget be increased to $9,000. This would include entire lake and channel. This amount is contingent on the award of the LARE Grant. If the grant is awarded, we would only need approximately $3,000.
      2. A motion was made by Gloria Combs and seconded by Leroy Bontrager. All approved of the new budgeted amount.
  1. Motion to adjourn: was made at 9:35am by Gina Sawmiller with a second by Mike Fink

Minutes submitted for approval by Linda Snider, Secretary

Next Association Meeting date: May 21, 2022