__ 2021 Association dues **                                     $ 50.00 (limited to 2 members per property)                    

__ Associate member (non-property owner)          $ 10.00

__ Lake weed control                                                $ 50.00

__ Shoreline weed control ***                                 $1.25 per linear foot

                                                                                                (ex. 50 Feet = $62.50)


LAKE ADDRESS__________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS_______________________________________






Make checks payable to Atwood Lake Community Association.

Dues and fees may be dropped off or mailed to:


Drop off:                                             Mail to:           Rhonda Fink

Rhonda Fink                                                    7200 S 020 E 

7200 S 020 E                                                       Wolcottville, IN 46795 


Meeting dates:

May 15, 2021  9:00 am at Coody Brown?s 1510 E. 700 S.

August 14, 2021          9:00 am at Coody Brown?s 1510 E. 700 S.


CHECK IF INTERESTED IN WEEKLY RESIDENTIAL GARABAGE PICKUP THROUGH THE ASSOCIATION AT $46 a quarter. You may also add a once per month recycling pickup for a total of $55 a quarter, however a full year commitment is required. DETAILS WILL BE SHARED AT THE MEETING AND ON OUR WEBSITE,

 **        Association Dues must be paid to participate in the Garbage Disposal.

 ***      Lake Weed Control must be paid to participate in Shoreline Weed Control.

NOTE:  After signing up and making payment to the Treasurer each person is responsible to call Noble County Disposal to Start or Stop their service.  The Association cannot Start or Stop for you, you must do it personally. Call (800) 292-9098